We know Elizabeth Warren had something important to say in this tweet, but honestly, all we hear when we read it is, ‘Blah blah, blah blah blah blah.’ You know, like how they make adults sound in Charlie Brown cartoons?


Tell us you don’t have a similar sensation reading this silliness:

People used to feel like the system was rigged against them, and then we elected fewer Democrats.


Ha! Quick, write it down! The first time she got it right, although we’re pretty sure what she was trying to convey was not the way in which James interpreted it, but it works for us.


And yet she couldn’t stand during the SOTU.

YAAAS! Botox has been found to be the fifth food group.

Hey, it could happen.

And it would explain so MUCH.

We love this lady’s face.

Not untrue.

She may have stood up once, to go to the bathroom.


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