Sarah Sanders asked a legitimate question about Democrats, and it totally ticked them off.

Fair point, why are Democrats so angry about lower taxes and higher wages? Could it be that they’d rather our money go to an overreaching and bloated government that can’t seem to rein in their own spending?

Or maybe it’s just that they hate Trump and the GOP that much.

Hard to say for certain.

What we can say for certain is every time this woman tweets, the Left lose their damn minds:

Lower taxes and higher wages are nasty?


How many times does this have to be debunked before they get it through their heads?

Wait, it’s the Left we’re talking about.

Never mind.

Only the wealthy work for Apple, Costco, Charter, Best Buy and all of those other companies raising wages for their employees?

That seems odd.

Awww, another one of those ‘government deserves all your money if you’re rich’ types.


Oh, silly Democrats.

We’re sensing a theme here, and that theme is none of these people know anything about how the tax cuts work.

But that won’t stop them from pretending they’re experts.


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