This exchange between Ben Shapiro and a troll who apparently wishes he wasn’t alive to tweet started innocently enough with Ben tweeting about Hope Hicks.

A little snarky, sort of zing, but nothing that would instigate a call for his being … well, dead. Right?

Huh? Troll says what?

And to think, Twitter suspends sweet little fuzzy bunnies without giving a real reason and yet this person is still FREE TO TWEET whatever he or she wants to even though he or she just basically said they wished Ben Shapiro was dead.



Sorry, lost our train of thought for a moment. Our bad.


Dude, right?

Wishing death on someone for saying Hope Hicks has ‘bad taste’ in men might be a tad bit overkill, pun intended.


That’s going around.

Yup, and they won’t get suspended for it either.

Could have stopped after, ‘Don’t understand why people hate.’

Been that sort of week.



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