Kamala Harris is very concerned about the security of upcoming midterm elections, especially in Texas.

Hrm, why Texas?

We’re gonna guess her reason is a guy whose name rhymes with ‘snooze’.

And hey, you know what would really ensure that these elections aren’t tampered with? *cough cough* Voter ID *cough cough*

Even in Texas.


If Kamala sincerely wants to protect the integrity of our elections she should really support Voter ID in addition to ‘cybersecurity.’ We get what she’s trying to do, to pretend that Russians (who look a lot like the bad guy in Rocky IV) will magically show up and tamper with voting machines in order to cost Dems their midterm elections but c’mon, give us a break already.

Combined with Voter ID? Hell yeah.

Ok, so he called her a whacko, but his point is valid, right?

We mean on the Voter ID, not that she’s a whacko.

Or do we?

Let’s do this, right Kamala?


You know that irritated her.


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