As Twitchy readers know, young Conservative badass Charlie Kirk took time on Twitter to remind people who may not be on a college campus every day of the challenges young Conservatives face when sharing their opinions and viewpoints.

And taking a look at the responses Kirk received for DARING to share such a sentiment, it’s no wonder young Conservatives are keeping their ideas to themselves, ESPECIALLY with comments like this:


We imagine Jesse was trying to appear edgy for attention and probably doesn’t really think Conservative students should be killed in a horrible way … at least we hope that’s the case. Kirk makes an exceptional point though about this douchebag’s tweet, imagine the sh*tshow the Left would throw on Twitter if some blue-check Conservative said Liberal students should be drowned.

They’d be protesting and burning schools down.

And they’d definitely call for the Conservative’s job, Hell just last week they were trying to get Kathy Zhu expelled from college for refusing to try on a hijab.

Guess he’s not joking.

Remember, if someone has a blue check Twitter is basically not only verifying this person is who he says he is, but they are in a way validating his opinion.

Interesting side note, originally when this editor grabbed Charlie’s tweet she thought there would be people calling Jesse out for being a disgusting turd, but nope. Plenty of other tolerant Lefties followed suit and attacked Kirk.

Check out these bedwetters:

*eye roll*

Right? He was just saying they should kill young Conservatives for disagreeing with him. Sounds legit.

This editor is embarrassed he’s wearing bunny ears.


See what we mean?

They all proved Kirk’s original point for him, but then again, no one ever accused these people of being the brightest crayons in the box.


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