Jon Lovett seems upset.

Gosh, for supposedly being such a funny guy (he apparently was a speech/joke writer for Obama and Hillary) he is awfully bent out of shape over Dana Loesch. And dude, you’d have to have your head permanently up your backside to think that picking a fight with Dana Loesch was in any way a good idea.

Uh-oh, Jon thinks he’s tweeting a ‘gotcha’ about Dana and the New York Times.

Narrator: He wasn’t.

How DARE Dana talk to anyone or any group who thinks differently from her. THE NERVE.

It’s hard for them to understand how ANYTHING works, but we digress.

Oh, sure, bring up her husband and attack him, seems legit.

Insecure lefty green-penis is insecure.

There’s Dana’s famous ‘God bless’ bomb.

Game over.

Speaking of game over:




He is both.

Then there’s TFG:

Justin seems angry. Full transparency, this editor asked him why it is that lefty/progressive men seem to hate women who disagree with them so much. He never answered, which says so much about him.

That and the Duke thing in his bio, but we digress.

Too many.

Or we could let Natural Selection sort things out.

Aren’t progressives really mad most every night though?


Kathy Griffin just accused John Kelly of beating his wife