It’s no secret that college campus are liberal and most attempt to fill students’ heads with nothing but nonsense.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, however, wanted to remind the average folks just what conservative students are facing on college campuses.

It’s true. When I was in college, I frequently had to back up my claims with a BUNCH of documentation, you know, from that book called the Constitution, or face being penalized for my opinions.

As great as that sounds on paper, things are going to change until conservatives decide they want to teach and be in higher education. This change has to be made from the inside out, not the other way around.

There’s some merit in that argument. I would, however, challenge conservative students who are strong in their principles and values to consider going to a liberal college. I know that sounds strange but going to a hippie, leftie school actually taught me how to think through my arguments and understand why I believe what I do. It challenging you to be a better critical thinker, which can benefit you inside and outside of politics.


These are the kind of questions that students are faced with. The way to combat them is to start out by saying that you don’t see a connection and then explain why. As long as you can back up your argument, you should be in the clear.

It does start younger and younger these days BUT the majority of the bias happens on college campuses.

There are a few professors (although they are rare) who will respect your political beliefs as long as you can back up your claims and make a solid argument.

Tell her to challenge it with the Dean. She can’t win if she doesn’t fight.

Or, here’s an easier step: Record it and send it to Campus Reform. They’re GREAT at exposing lefties and their agendas.

What the hell are you smoking?

You’re either liberal or blind as a bat.

That’s a dumb thought. Liberal professors “teach” online classes as well. If the assignments are biased and the grading is biased, then nothing has changed except the learning location.

“Alternative facts?”

Good grief. Where do you get your intel? Reddit?