Before we even get into how dumb Shannon Watts’ tweet is about Trump’s ‘parade,’ have you ever noticed that almost any time we or any other site that collects tweets for stories writes about Watts we can only use screenshots of her tweets? Unless of course, it’s some leftist rag that worships her …

Guess when your whole schtick is tweeting stupid like this you end up blocking a lot of people:

We get that people don’t like Trump, and we get that people think the parade is a dumb idea.

But comparing our military to the white nationalists? Stay classy, Shannon.

And silly, Shannon never thinks about what she tweets, it’s part of her ‘charm.’

He’s kidding. Promise.

It’s not that Watts is a liar, it’s just that she ‘knows’ so much that just isn’t true.

Oh, that’s right, she also went on some weird tangent about Dana and the New York Times.

Behind a block.

Because that’s what she does.

How anyone takes her seriously about anything is beyond us (but makes for some great Twitchy fodder).


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