If there is one thing you can say about the Resistance, they are consistent.

Consistent with being hateful, whiny, threatening douchebags who Twitter allows to break their Terms of Service over and over and over again. One such account is David Putnam, who shockingly does not have a blue check, but proudly touts that he ‘resists.’

Guessing Putnam decided to delete that tweet because it could be construed as an actual threat. That being said, when Mark called him out on it, he said he completely owned it … but deleted it.

These Resistance types aren’t the brightest.

He did leave this one up.


Probably not the national holiday Putnam had in mind, but that could work.

Because he’s a gutless toad.


Look, we get it, all the Left has ‘left’ at this point is their hatred for Donald Trump, but if you’re to the point of wishing death on Trump Jr. and bragging about celebrating the day Trump dies, you might need to re-examine what it is exactly you stand for.


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