The Democrats seem determined to keep pretending that Trump hasn’t offered to work with them on immigration reform, even pledging his support to make nearly two million ‘Dreamer’s citizens over the next 12 years. Which proves their blathering on immigration has never really been about helping these ‘young people,’ but using them as a means to pander for votes.

Of course, considering Obama had a filibuster-proof majority for two years and they did NOTHING on immigration then, we already knew that but it’s still fun to watch Trump and his administration needle them.

Like this from Sarah Sanders:

She just dumped about a pound of salt in their wound, and it’s glorious.

Honestly, at this point it’s all they have to run on, hating Trump. It’s really hard to campaign on the fact that you voted against tax cuts that are putting more and more money in Americans’ pockets and shut down the government over illegal immigrants so all they REALLY have left is, ‘BUT TRUUUUUUMP.’

Democrats are in a seriously bad place especially because Trump has called their bluff on … everything.

See for yourself:

Have y’all noticed that the entire time Obama was president they blamed Bush for every issue he faced, and now that Trump is president and doing well, they want to give Obama credit for it?

So adorable. *eye roll*

Umm, no. They did have a filibuster-proof majority for two years and did nothing for Dreamers.


Oh wait, this dude was serious.

Our bad.

Sarah makes these people nuts.

Nope, sorry. This is very true.

It’s worth a Google.


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