Kathy Zhu was targeted by a group of Muslim students on social media Thursday evening for posting three photos of their booth on her campus featuring the hijab.

Seems like they wanted to get her expelled for disagreeing with them and for refusing to try one on.

It’s adorable how this person deleted the targeted harassment after she figured out who Zhu was and the audience she has on social media.

Speaking of which, listen to Kathy’s side of the story and what she and others plan to do if she is indeed expelled (this kicks ass):


Don’t mess with Kathy.

As Kathy points out in her video, they were on a public campus in a public place and she had every right to take their picture. And by doing so she was in no way ‘hating’ on this group. Ironically they were the ones targeting HER for harassment by trying to get her expelled from school and harassing her on Twitter.

And it didn’t seem to work out so hot for the group of students.

In the meantime, Kathy gives us hope for the future, it’s good to see a young person fighting back on college campuses and not being afraid to voice their opinions.

Stay strong, Kathy.


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