Could Elizabeth ‘Shakes Her Fist And Lies’ Warren be any more melodramatic about Trump’s SOTU?

She works and she slaves, and what thanks does she get?

Holy cow.

We’re wondering if Warren went to the wrong SOTU because we didn’t see anyone applauding Trump for punching working families in the gut. It was in fact quite the opposite as the president spoke about tax cuts that are creating jobs, putting more money in Americans’ wallets and record low unemployment for minorities.

Would appear we’re not the only ones who are growing tired of Warren and her BS:

Add an eye roll in there and we’re right there with Jenna.

Yes, she, in fact, persists in being a neurotic drama queen.

Something like that.

Getting closer.

Two yawns in fact.

She wanted the image BURNED INTO HER EYES …

No matter how awful Warren thinks the GOP is, she will never get around the fact that she lied about her heritage … she doesn’t have a wampum to stand on.


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