Is it just us, or does James Comey seem EXCEPTIONALLY annoying since he started doing his own thing on Twitter?

Seriously, if he’s not tweeting out some smug quote about freedom he’s subtweeting Trump’s administration with sanctimonious BS that reminds us why we’re glad he was fired.

Like Ann Coulter said …

Starting to understand more and more why Trump said to him, ‘You’re FIRED.’

It’s funny how Comey has gone from being the man Democrats hate MOST to their hero, and by funny we mean backward, ignorant and annoying AF.



Got caught trying to play for both teams.

Excellent point.

You have to wonder what it is exactly Comey stands for when he so easily flips then flops on such important matters.

But all those people are Democrats, why oh why would Twitter suggest he follow them?


That’s … interesting.


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