Joy Reid said some pretty stupid things about Trump’s SOTU address, predominately shaming him about pushing traditional American values like church, family, police, military, our flag and the National Anthem. We’re not entirely sure why she has such disdain for the fundamental values of this country, and neither was Donald Trump Jr.

For some reason, Ron Perlman took it upon himself to try and put Donald Trump Jr. in his place about VALUES, and all he really managed to do was punch himself in the nuts (and hit Hollywood a little too):

He literally just described everyone nearly everyone in the Democratic party and in Hollywood

Just the other night the DNC had a Kennedy doing their rebuttal for the SOTU.

It doesn’t get much more entitled inheritance than a Kennedy.

And dude, Weinstein ring any bells?

What was all over his mouth? BLEH.

Ron does, apparently.


Says the guy who makes his living in Hollywood.

This did NOT go as Ron planned.

Or maybe it did and he likes being humiliated on Twitter.

Stranger things have happened.


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