Yesterday, moments after a train carrying several members of the GOP crashed into a trash truck and sadly the driver of the truck lost his life. That, however, didn’t stop Lefties from making gross and horrible jokes about the train, like Michael Ian Black.

Today, young, Conservative badass Elliott Hamilton WRECKED Michael for the joke …

The comments after the train wreck were pretty awful, and even after it became clear that there were injuries and the driver was dead, they continued to make jokes about the Trump Train.

Michael apparently didn’t like being called out, poor fella:

Other people were doing it so don’t yell at me.


Ignorance is all he’s got, Elliott.

We’re not entirely sure Michael can actually read but we digress.

Hi Michael, you’re still not funny.



Double boom.

Boom boom boom.

You know, the only thing Elliott really had to do to shut Michael up was to ask him about civics … he has a history of stomping off like a big baby when his ignorance over the basic fundamentals of government is exposed.

This editor knows from experience.

And we rest OUR case.


But wait, there’s more!

Updated with more tweets:

Michael seems to know so much about things that just aren’t true.


In other words, SIT DOWN MICHAEL.


Delete your account: Michael Ian Black gets SCHOOLED on Civics 101 so badly he blocks and runs