Hypothetically this is not how ANY of this works, Michael.

We get it, Michael really hates Trump. Wait, that’s not fair; watching his behavior we’re pretty sure he doesn’t like anyone who disagrees with him politically but we digress. Does he really think an elected official or a staffer has the knowledge to make a judgment call on the mental wellness of the president? And let’s say they could even magically make some sort of diagnosis, would they be liable for not coming forward to whom exactly?

See, if he would just take some time to understand basic CIVICS he wouldn’t ask such silly questions and get so badly embarrassed.


Not sure spelling it out works for Mr. Black.


Not to mention there is a little thing called the Constitution which spells out these sorts of ‘hypothetical’ situations. But don’t point this out to Michael or he will block and run.

Full transparency, this editor did engage Mr. Black on this topic and even offered to buy him a book, ‘How America Works for Dummies.’ He did not take this as a good wish or an act in kind and blocked said editor.

Psh. Some people are so sensitive.


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