Donald Trump was on a roll today, tweeting things he likely knew would freak his haters out.

Which is sad really, because advocating for voter identification actually supports the Left’s constant bitching and moaning about fraud in elections. Unless that fraud BENEFITS them, which it seems to when people don’t have valid IDs. In THAT case let them vote, right?

He’s right. Why wouldn’t we as Americans support ensuring our elections are clean, legal and fair?

And like usual, Chelsea Handler took Trump’s bait.


No, Chelsea.

That’s not true.

And seriously, he didn’t say anything about keeping black people from voting. *eye roll*

We’re starting to wonder.

There is a lot of stupid out there.

No problem with this line of thinking.

The rules and laws around owning a gun are far stricter than simply asking that people have a valid ID to vote.

She certainly does seem to make it a habit of being wrong … about everything.


But this is her idea of making an honest living.

Or something.


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