Nancy Pelosi did say the tax cuts were crumbs …


From Bloomberg:

Hostess Brands Inc., feeling flush after last month’s tax overhaul, will offer bonuses to workers — including free snacks.

The company, which makes Twinkies, Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, is  It’s also offering a year’s worth of free food to workers — though they won’t be able to eat all the Ding Dongs they like. A representative from each of Hostess’s bakeries will choose a product each week, and the employees will be able to take home a multipack of that item.

So they get to eat cake, LITERALLY.

And the crumbs.

Delicious crumbs.

Now we want a Twinkie.

Very clever, Hostess.

Luckily a Twinkie’s shelf life is like FOREVER, so we’ll have plenty of them left to eat after the tax cuts Apocalypse.



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