Paul Ryan better watch out, his ‘challenger’ Democrat Randy Bryce plans to spend the entire SOTU staring at him from the Gallery.

Because that’s not creepy or weird …


The State of the Union is: trolling.

Democrat Randy Bryce will be sitting in the House gallery, but he hopes the shot from the State of the Union that people back in his Wisconsin district pay attention to is House Speaker Paul Ryan applauding in the frame behind President Donald Trump.

“They’re working together, and the fact that they’re going to be standing so close to each other — Paul Ryan is literally going to have Donald Trump’s back — which is pretty much the way it’s been going for this past year,” said Bryce, who’s running against Ryan for his House seat back in Wisconsin.

Yeah, we’re not convinced Bryce knows the difference between trolling and stalking.

But whatevs, POLITICO.

Seriously, how hard do you think Paul Ryan laughed when he read this?


That’ll show Republicans!

OMG who are these people? EL OH EL.

Bold strategy, Cotton.

We KNEW it! THAT’S why he looks so familiar.

Oh man, this SOTU is gonna be LIT!


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