Last night, Democrats voted against a bill that would have restricted abortion past 20 weeks gestation

Sadly, Senator Susan Collins and Senator Lisa Murkowski (both supposedly Republicans) also voted against this measure.

The only silver lining coming out of the vote was The Babylon Bee’s coverage of the Democrats after the fact:

From The Babylon Bee:

“Frankly, I’m tired of the Republicans’ sob stories about these so-called ‘dreamers’ who are deliberately hiding inside a womb, hoping for government protection without going through the proper channels,” a DNC spokesperson told reporters. “Maybe it’s not their fault their parents brought them into this world, but that does not give them the same Constitutional right to life that hardworking, natural-born Americans have earned.”

Sources confirm Democrats may consider an abortion ban after 24 weeks, since the unborn child would be three-fifths of the way through a typical 40-week pregnancy by that point. “I really admire the idea of a 3/5 compromise,” said one Democrat senator. “America has used the 3/5 compromise before, when we were forced to admit that people who are property are still partially human. It worked really well.”

Love. This.


The fact people can’t tell if this is satire or reality says so much about the Dems, and none of it good.

It is.

We think.

You know, with the way Dems are going with the debate on this issue it’s honestly hard to tell anymore.



‘THIS is an abortion’! 20-week abortion ban bill defeated in Senate, unborn children hardest hit