Imagine the look on certain Democrats’ faces when the mother of a girl who was killed by a member of MS-13 shows up at the State of the Union tonight … that in and of itself will be popcorn-worthy.

From Fox News:

The mother of a 16-year-old Long Island girl killed by members of the MS-13 gang will be in the audience when President Trump delivers his State of the Union Address.

Evelyn Rodriguez, whose 16-year-old daughter Kayla Cuevas was found beaten and stabbed in September 2016 in Brentwood, has also been invited to the White House to speak to Trump before Tuesday’s national address, The New York Times reported Sunday.

She said her visit isn’t tied to the immigration debate that is front and center in Congress’s budget war.

“I just want what’s right to be done,” Rodriguez, 49, told the newspaper. “Everybody should put their political agenda aside and think about what’s going on in our country.”

And guess who James Woods thinks she should sit RIGHT NEXT TO:

Right? Sit next to her, Senator Schumer, and explain how you shut down the government to protect illegal immigrants like the one who murdered her 16-year-old daughter.

Pay per view, baby!

Or men and women in uniform.

This would be a reality check on steroids.

That would surely make him squirm … or would it?

Fair point.

Or he’d find a way to blame Trump.


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