As Twitchy readers know, California teacher Gregory Salcido has been reprimanded for being caught on video attacking a student for wearing a Marines sweatshirt and calling the military the ‘lowest of the low’.

Social media ERUPTED as the story broke and many amazing vets spoke up on Twitter, saying they were proud members of the lowest of the low, and others reminded Salcido that the only reason he could say such horrible things about our military is that they fought (and died) for his right to so.

Even Gary Sinise got involved:

Dude teaches government and is a former mayor as well.


Way to pick ’em, El Rancho.

He’s one of those ignorant people who for whatever reason think men and women who join our military are stupid.

And he’s teaching young people … that’s what terrifies us the most.


This is pretty damn good and worth a read. Just sayin’. ^

But it sounds like this guy needs an education when it comes to who bravely serves this country.

So keep ‘beating that dead horse.’


It’s so ON! Vets take CA ‘teacher’ to the SHED for referring to the military as the ‘lowest of the low’