California teacher, Gregory Salcido, has been reprimanded for being caught on video calling the military the ‘lowest of the low’.

Takes a special sort of douchebag to disrespect our military in front of students.

From the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Three videos on social media of Pico Rivera Councilman Gregory Salcido, a teacher at El Rancho High School, making disparaging remarks about the military and berating a student for wearing a sweatshirt with a Marines logo have gone viral and created a backlash.

Backlash. Cute.

Aguilera-Fort said he was alerted on Friday evening to the video where Salcido is heard saying, “They’re the frickin’ lowest of the low,” in reference to military members.

“We have reached out to Mr. Salcido but have not been able to talk to him because he is out of town,” Aguilera-Fort said.

He and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Mark Matthews are conducting an investigation.

What is there to investigate?

A vet and a proud member of the ‘lowest of the low’ called Salcido out …

‘They have my back, and I have theirs.

That sums up the amazing men and women in our armed forces and SHAME on this ‘educator’ for disrespecting them in front of his class.

More from vets:

Guess so.


Mic drop.


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