It is just us or does it seem like more and more people are actually NOT looking forward to the State of the Union address tonight? Granted, people have been grumbling about this spectacle for far longer than Trump has been president, but this year people seem even less interested in watching.

That being said, Iowahawk wrote the shortest, sweetest and maybe the BEST SOTU address ever … he should send it to Trump:

Part of the annoyance of this year’s address is the amount of drama and nonsense the Democrats are planning; between nobodies in Hollywood holding their own SOTU to Kirsten Gillibrand bringing the mayor of Puerto Rico, it’s going to be a serious sh*tshow.

Nailed it.

And cowbell, we GOTTA have more cowbell.

Trump should just tweet the whole damn speech and be done with it.

It’s gonna be a fiasco.



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