What do you wanna bet that Jon Favreau has a mirror by his computer and every time he tweets something he thinks is a ‘gotcha’ to the Trump administration he smiles and points at himself in the mirror like, ‘Atta boy.’

You know he did a bunch of self ‘back-patting’ after he wrote this masterpiece:

Ooh, he used words like grifter, swamp AND Playbook (with a capital ‘p’).

He sure told Trump.

There’s just ONE teensy problem …

Breathlessly tweeting … OMG we love this! HA! It totally supports the idea that Jon sits at his computer (or on his tablet/phone) dramatically tweeting for his own benefit.


Of course he knows it’s wrong, but let’s not pretend facts or reality are important to Jon. The man worked for Barack Obama of all people, being disingenuous and pushing BS was and is his bread and butter.



Great word.

In other words, these DC people all deserve each other.

True story.


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