Imagine if the Trump administration were truly as powerful as the Left portrays them as being. Yeah, sure Chris, Trump and other people in the ‘anti-immigration’ crowd were sitting around one day just eating pizza and came up with the term ‘chain migration’ to dehumanize illegal immigrants.

You caught ’em Chris, you super sleuth you.

Democrats are the LAST people who should talk about dehumanizing ANYONE, or shall we bring up the pro-life debate where they insist unborn babies are not human, or alive and that they’re just clumps of cells.

That and no one is anti-immigration, people just want immigrants to come to America LEGALLY.

Lying liars lie, what’d you expect?

It’s whack, right?

Homework? You want a Democrat to do HOMEWORK?

Silly boy.

What she said.

Tough crowd.

Oh, he could be that ignorant. Trust us.

It’s worth a Google, Chris.

Just sayin’.


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