Earlier this week we learned that a ‘journalist’ deliberately kept this photo of Obama standing with Louis Farrakhan in a super smiley pose because they thought it might hurt his chances in the upcoming election.


And as you can imagine, social media exploded when the photo was released, but there wasn’t an explosion quite as BOOMY as the Sean Spicer parody’s (@sean_spicier) tweet:

He had to know this would cause the Left to lose their damn minds … which is probably why he tweeted it in the first place.

Hey, at least they’ve figured out that Sean Spicer isn’t Press Secretary anymore.

Of course, they still seem to miss the fact that this is NOT the real Sean Spicer but hey, baby steps.

And then this tweet about Africa REALLY freaked them out:

You drunk or high.

Can’t make this up.

Yeah, ignorance.


And then he moved on to the Dreamers:

Canadians don’t understand the difference between bacon and ham, so yeah, no surprise here.

Hey man, a buck’s a buck!

Seems no matter what Spicier tweets, the Left comes running …

Or run with scissors.



They really do manage to make giant asses of themselves, don’t they?


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