As Twitchy readers know, Kirsten Gillibrand was flapping her gums about how if Congress was made up of 51% of women that there would be no talk of a ban on abortions over 20 weeks.

You know, because women as a whole support the slaughter of the unborn, regardless of how far along they are in the womb, and would totally be against the idea of banning abortion at ANY point.

*eye roll*


The issue with women like Kirsten (besides her really bad haircut) is she assumes all women believe in the same things she does, and it’s just not so. As a whole, Americans in GENERAL support stricter guidelines around late-term abortion (something like 80%), and the last time we checked women were more than just 20% of the population.

So no, her tweet is stupid.

And quite honestly very insulting to women.

What he said.

You can feel the winds shifting, right?

Gosh, we would totally support that too.

Go figure.


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