Kamala Harris wants everyone to know that she and other Californians won’t be bullied into obeying the law and that Trump is bullying them because Sessions is done playing when it comes to sanctuary cities.

California will not be bullied? Seriously? HA!


We can think of a few people whose lives were jeopardized by sanctuary cities and California ignoring the law.

But we digress.

The last thing Kamala wants to do is comply with the law and stop pandering to illegal immigrants whose votes she and other Democrats so desperately need.

Details details.

What a novel idea. Don’t like the law? Change it.

Just because you disagree with a law doesn’t mean you get to ignore it; if that were the case MANY of us would have stopped paying taxes years ago.

We’re not entirely sure if Kamala is actually aware of the state her own … state is in. California is not looking great these days, especially when they’re busy trying to pass legislation to steal tax cuts from corporations there.

Then again, that’s dream legislation for Kamala and her ilk.

Sadly it is.


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