Guy Benson’s video on being a gay Conservative is a game-changer for the LGBT community.

This is amazing.

Seriously, watch it.

‘Truth is, the Left isn’t entitled to a damn thing.’

We love this.

He is SPOT ON about Conservatives being more open to people having different ideas than the Left. When a Conservative disagrees with you, often times they will debate or just ignore you, that’s it. When a Leftist disagrees with you, they will attack your person and call for your job.

Tell us again who is more accepting.

Not to mention the dumpster fire that is Guy’s mentions on this video:

Reminds us of how they claim Conservative women are voting against their own self-interest.


Oh get a life.

Boom again.

Mark seems angry.


To be honest, most of the comments on Guy’s video are from Conservatives, and they are very supportive.

Which only proves his video right.


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