Watching Chuck Schumer trying to save face after he convinced Democrats to shut down the govt over the weekend and then having to give up may be the funniest thing we have seen since Trump got elected.

Guy Benson really summed it up best:

Considering that’s all the Left has to run on this year, their hatred of Trump, it might NOT be such a horrible idea. Seriously, what do Democrats have? They voted against the tax cuts, the corporate tax cuts, shut down the govt which halted CHIP and military funding … they’ve really had a horrible year so far.

And it’s only January 22.

So all they really have at the end of the day is, ‘BUT TRUMP.’

They definitely can’t speak to the real issue behind why they shut it down, otherwise, they’d have to admit to being children throwing a temper tantrum who don’t know how to govern.

Wonder when the Democrats will get sick of so much LOSING?!


Oh, and a bonus Nancy Pelosi slam because it’s going to be that kind of day today:

Someone just get her some crumbs, she’ll be fine.


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