Rob Reiner is giving Chelsea Handler a run for her money for writing the dumbest tweets on Twitter.

True story.

We make fun of her a LOT (she is like an endless supply of dumb), but Reiner is coming in a close second with this sort of garbage:

Yes. Democrats shut down the government because they’re all racists.

Oh, wait. He was trying to say Republicans are racist … yeah, no.

House Republicans passed a bipartisan CR that would have kept the govt running but Senate Dems said NO. And stop with this racist BS, Rob. The GOP doesn’t care what color the immigrants are, they just want them to come here legally.

This is not difficult.

And honestly, claiming all immigrants are just one color is pretty racist, Rob.

And they think they can blame Republicans for shutting down the govt and call them racist in the process.

Like Rob did.

Sadly for them, the only idiots buying that already support Democrats anyway.

Like others in Hollywood, he’ll pat himself on the back for supporting the little people, especially the little brown people even though his assuming all immigrants are just one color and from one country makes him incredibly racist.

And a meathead.



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