Seems Representative Ted Lieu got the memo and is doing his best to blame the Republicans for the government shutdown. Forget that House Republicans passed a bipartisan CR and that the Senate Dems refused to vote for it because they want amnesty …

This is just pathetic, Ted.

Sorry, WHO refuses to do their jobs?

Dean Cain, aka Superman, just nuked Ted Lieu in a single tweet … or would that be in a single bound?

Then out came the crazy Lieu supporters:

Four R’s voted against it and 5 D’s voted for it.

Details details.

We’re not sure they get their own point either.

Sure she did.

Seems she deleted this one – why on Earth would she do that?


No no, don’t do that.

Resistance types aren’t the most creative.

We think so too.

Ummm …

These people.

That’s the only way he could get elected, Mr. Cain.

It’s the Democrat’s way.


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