Senator Tom Cotton isn’t holding back over the ridiculousness of the Democrats shutting the government down over DACA when the program itself goes nowhere until March. He was especially ‘assertive’ with members of his own party in the Senate, Flakey Flake, and Graham.

Oh yeah, we knew.

Most Republicans know.

And the Democrats who know agree so this isn’t shocking BUT it’s good that Cotton called out the Republican senators pulling this crap who should know better.

Democrats would have us believe that every Dreamer is a child that plans on going into the military and then coming back to go to college to be a doctor and cure cancer.

Dreamers instead of illegal immigrants; Democrats LOVE their word games.

Truth hurts.

Right? Because Democrats (and Flake and Graham) are usually so honest and straightforward.

Psh, so racist and stuff.

Not a bad idea.

If we grant amnesty at all.

Good question.

Then again, there is some doubt about whether or not Cotton is correct about Graham’s position:

Either way, what a MESS.

Time to pass the CR and then work on DACA separately.

Period the end.


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