Lester Holt was on the air this morning talking about how nice the people of North Korea have been treating him and his crew, he even used the word ‘respect.’


We have been treated with respect.

Sure they have been because they are happy to censor their feed and do as they’re told by the North Korean government.

Never forget who they really are, folks:

Mic. Effing. Drop.

Yeah, these same people treating Lester with respect tortured and killed a young American man. But go ahead, tell us more about how respectful they are.

Hey America, look how awesome North Korea is!

*shakes head*

Or worse, fed to rabid dogs.

But yay, snowy mountains and stuff!

You know that, and we know that …

OR they know exactly how it works.

Either way, this is pretty weak.

BUT then again, this IS NBC we’re talking about here, what else would we expect?


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