Considering how many trolls have allegedly tried to bump Kurt Eichenwald off by posting animated gifs on Twitter, it’s no wonder the guy mutes a lot of people.

Although from our own personal experience he doesn’t mute, he blocks people, but we digress.

Kurt was bragging about how he mutes trolls, except it seems like he doesn’t exactly know how mute works.

That’s not how it works, Kurt.

Muting people doesn’t keep others from reading their tweets.

Even the guy trying to be nice to Kurt is like, ‘No dude. That’s not how it works.’

But he thinks he does!

And he’s so tough muting people who disagree with him.

We can tell you from experience, he mutes and blocks at the drop of a hat.



Drat, his master plan was foiled again!


And curtain.


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