Chris Cuomo interviewed Kellyanne Conway, again.

And it seems his ‘fans’ weren’t all that pleased that he spent time interviewing the woman who actually succeeded in shattering glass ceilings and getting Donald Trump elected. Cuomo, of course, played it off like he was doing some great journalistic feat by ‘calling her out,’ …

He’s so brave.


Would appear one of his more vocal and ‘famous’ fans was REALLY displeased over his choice to interview Conway:

Just when you think Rosie has lost it as much as she can lose it … YIKES.

We can’t help but wonder what Rosie thinks his job is.

Also, it doesn’t look like Cuomo actually answered her, and we could hardly blame him.


These poor, gentle souls, so upset over an interview.

Ok, we just totally cracked ourselves up.

Yikes, tough crowd, Chris.

Or eat some more fiber.



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