We officially love The Onion.

Plenty of conservative-leaning media outlets have been making fun of Schumer and the Dem’s shutdown, but when The Onion (who honestly seems to slam people on both sides of the aisle) goes after Chucky well, that’s super special.

They couldn’t have been more accurate about this if they tried:

Gold star for The Onion.

And wow, did they upset a bunch of Lefties … EL OH EL:


Eh. Actually, the GOP funded CHIP in the Continuing Resolution before the Democrats shut down the government so no … they didn’t really get anything.

But embarrassed.

The Onion did also receive some positive feedback for this tweet:

Or at least we think it’s positive.

Did The Onion accidentally stumble into real news here?

Even better.

Look out CNN! (ha!)


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