Make no mistake, the Democrats CAVED on the shutdown.

This tweet from Brit Hume had to STING.

We honestly doubted it as well, considering they have the media on their side and were doing a bang-up job of pretending the GOP owned the shutdown even though in reality the Senate needed 60 votes to pass the CR.

But it seems Americans aren’t quite as dumb as the Democrats thought, so they caved.

They gave in.

They admitted defeat.

And it was EPIC.

Nope. But Joy Reid really tried.

When you’ve lost POLITICO.

Three days and two of them were Saturday and Sunday.

McConnell did.

Oh, what the heck, we did too.


Gosh, Keith seems mad.

Then again, if we were Democrats we’d be mad too, watching our party make a gigantic fool of itself in such a public way.



Sad, sad Schumer.


Embrace the SUCK: Joy Reid spins Schumer’s shutdown loss as a WIN and even Dems ain’t buyin’ it