Joy Reid wants her followers to know that when Sen. Chuck Schumer caved on the government shutdown after three whole days (two of which being a weekend), that this wasn’t the Democrats LOSING.

No no, they were winning.

Or something.

And we thought Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s take on it was pathetic.

According to Joy, there WAS a man behind the curtain.

So by losing, Schumer was really winning.


Sorry Joy, but this is over. Democrats have cried wolf and the GOP knows it. Schumer made an ass of himself and the entire Democratic party while he was at it; we’re still not sure what he thought shutting the government down would accomplish.

She’s doing some SERIOUS spinning here. Wow.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.





Schumer has McConnel RIGHT where he wants him. HAAAAAAAA.

Joy had a ton of pushback on her spin … from Democrats:

Sounds like trouble in paradise to us.


That and their policies are crap.

Sorta true BUT Schumer still sucks.

We like it.

The reality of the Democratic party in 2018. ^


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