Think it’s pretty safe to say at this point that Paul Nehlen has not only jumped the shark, but he’s climbed back onto the pier, took his waterskis off, then put them back on and jumped the shark AGAIN.


Either this guy is trolling for the Nazi vote OR something broke in him when Paul Ryan destroyed him in Wisconsin.


Jesus was a Jew, man.

Larry the Cable Guy tried to pull Nehlen off the cliff with actual Biblical references:

Git ‘er done, Larry.

And he’s abrasive because he knows it gets attention. That or he’s actually very anti-Semitic and not bothering to hide it anymore.

Yeah, that didn’t go anywhere.

But nice try, Larry.


Others were less gentle with Nehlen:

We’re not entirely sure if he’s actually familiar with the Gospel of Christ.

What we are fairly sure of is that using faith to attack a group of people isn’t going to get him elected anywhere, anytime soon.

Thank goodness.

See what we mean?

Pray for him, folks.


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