This past weekend, Alex Baltzegar was passing around a list of accounts that people who lean right should follow on Twitter. If you look at the list, all of the accounts are fairly moderate and none seem to be alt-right or extreme in any way.

But that didn’t stop Greg Proops (not poops, we looked it up, he’s the guy from ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?‘) from comparing them all to a Nazi:

Wouldn’t count on Greg having the cojones to show up and confront any of these accounts he just compared to Goebbels considering he seems to have blocked this entire list.

Editor’s note, Greg also has this editor blocked, seems he prefers to keep his bubble really, really small … and stupid.

Ben Shapiro was also NOT amused by the comparison to a Nazi, and considering Shapiro is Jewish this isn’t all that surprising:

Yup, Greg ran.

Look, if you can’t stand by your tweet and debate then don’t talk smack. It just makes you look small (and gives us an opportunity to seriously make fun of you).


Cowards are gonna coward.

He was definitely not the funniest one, this is true.

Or being really bad at improv …

Sorry, not sorry.


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