We’re starting to think every person who worked with and for Barack Obama has developed a serious case of amnesia.

Otherwise, they must think Americans have developed amnesia since he left office because they keep tweeting stupid stuff, like this hot mess from Jon Favreau:

He really can’t believe Republicans won’t negotiate.


Well first and foremost, this shutdown in no way belongs to the Republicans, considering they passed a bipartisan bill in the House to keep the government up and running and all the Senate Democrats had to do was vote for it.

But they didn’t.

Something like that.

Second only to their massive egos.

Jon really can’t believe Republicans won’t negotiate!

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

We know, we know!

True story.

Hard to negotiate without an actual bill to negotiate.

‘Win an election.’ – Obama

Oh, and there’s another HUGE problem with Jon’s claim that Republicans won’t negotiate:

Gosh, this looks a LOT like negotiating to us.


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