During their presser on Saturday morning, Nancy Pelosi tried to pin the government shutdown on Donald Trump and insisted Democrats just wanted to govern but the mean old Republicans wouldn’t let them.

Another Democrat stood in front of the press and claimed people were talking to her about it while she was grocery shopping … yeah, we can’t make this level of stupid up.

And to prove it, guess what Nancy Pelosi did with Democrats just mere HOURS after that presser?

Nancy Pelosi is PROUD of the shutdown folks. Seriously.

But tell us more about how Democrats don’t own this.

Would appear no matter how hard the Dems are trying to spin this as Trump’s fault, the only people who are buying it WANT to buy it. And honestly, we’re even seeing some Democrats shaming them for not passing the CR and dealing with DACA separately.

Going out for a likely expensive dinner while men and women in uniform are uncertain about their pay is probably NOT the best look, Nan.

Let them eat crumbs!


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