Jenna Jameson joined pro-life warriors today on the #MarchForLife tag and shared this DARLING photo of herself sitting with her kiddo.

Jenna is a very outspoken supporter of life and has shared her family with Twitter on many occasions as a proud mother and a pro-life advocate. Sadly, every time she seems to have an opinion, Leftist women and men go out of their way to attack, shame and belittle her because of her past occupation. It really is a disgusting reminder of how much the Left hates women who disagree with their agenda.

Umm no.

Abortion is never safe for the baby.

Abortion is meant to end a life, that can never be safe.

FYI, this charmer has this editor blocked, so not only is he or she really disgusting, but they’re also a giant coward.


Oh, and here’s another example of a harpy going after Jenna:


Oh no she di’int.


What does she think an unborn baby is, a hammer?

And yes, the debate was over.

Jenna also shared this from Live Action, warning, it is graphic and hard to look at. But it is also the reality of abortion:

Mind-boggling indeed.


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