You’re going to see a lot of BS in the media as the government gets closer and closer to shutting down because the Democrats want to hold Americans hostage so they can pass amnesty. Dems will blame evil Republicans for being racist and refusing to allow these poor children to stay in this country (many of whom are no longer really children), and they’ll pretend they’re great and noble for shutting down healthcare for other children while blaming the GOP for making them do it.

Don’t be fooled.

Democrats own this shutdown and counselor to Rep. Paul Ryan, Brendan Buck, laid out a series of truth-bombs that prove this truly is a #SchumerShutdown:

Yes, that’s right, the House voted on a BIPARTISAN BILL to keep the government open.

Your move, Senate Dems.

And that they need 60 votes for a CR.


Of course, they want to shut it down, then they can scream about how it’s Trump’s fault for shutting it down and hang it around the necks of the GOP, all while crying about how they’re fighting for the little guy in America.

And their base will eat it up.

To push amnesty.

If you needed proof that the Democrats are holding the American government and her people hostage to push their agenda, there it is.

They are quite openly playing politics with peoples’ lives.

Pretty simple.


Hypocrites are gonna hypocrite.

And thumping their chests while claiming the GOP is holding children’s healthcare hostage.

It’s repugnant.

Which tells us what? They stand for nothing.


We know, we know!


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