Is there anything sadder than watching Alec Baldwin defend Woody Allen on Twitter? Especially with the efforts being made (sort of) by Hollywood in calling out these predators, pervs, and abusers.

Perhaps Woody Allen himself is sadder than Alec’s ridiculous tweet, but it’s close.




And it takes a creep to defend him.


Shut your hot dog hole?


And nobody needs to shut his hot dog hole more than Alec Baldwin.

Yeah, us too, Dave.

Alec has a habit of blocking well … everyone.

Except maybe Woody Allen.

Dude is super sensitive.

Alec doesn’t want us accusing Woody of being a predator because it’s not fair to survivors of sexual abuse or something.


Editor’s note: Thanks to the many tweeps who helped this editor figure out which word was more appropriate, nads or nards. You’re all AWESOME. 🙂


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