Cory Booker needs a new nickname after the stunt he pulled on Tuesday when he belittled, berated and bullied Sec. Nielsen, and since Twitchy has been ‘accused’ of being the source for Trump’s nickname for Dicky Durbin, we’ve been trying to come up with something clever.

Luckily James Woods did the hard work FOR us because he’s a giver:

Fair point.

So is James saying all Leftist men who behave this way with women they disagree with should be called #Manginas?

Or is that limited to #ManginaCory?

Dude looks like he’s lost it.

Oh man.

Hey, don’t look at us, we just work here.

Cory is a Democrat, you’re expecting too much of him.

Didn’t you hear? Cory says he knows she was lying so she deserved it.

These people.

Eeek, the fingers actually MOVE.


Suppose the silver lining around this Cory Booker attack is the number of hilarious memes, gifs, and nicknames we’re seeing for the senator in social media. That and the chances of Booker getting elected as president just went out the window with his own Howard Dean moment.

Good times.


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