The Left has got to make up its mind. Either these countries are so horrible that we should protect them here in America (aka Trump was right about them being sh*tholes) OR the countries are AOK and we shouldn’t have to worry about them anymore.

Sorry not sorry, you can’t have it both ways.

Take for example Sally Kohn’s tweet about how mean ol’ Trump is ‘kicking Salvadorans out of the U.S.’ …

Gosh, Sally, that sounds a lot like a sh*thole to us.

And to Jenna Jameson as well.


Safe bet Sally didn’t like Jenna correcting her spelling … LOL.

Brutally honest, some would say.

The jury is still out on whether or not he actually said Haiti was a sh*thole BUT regardless, it opened up a very important dialogue … one the Left has been avoiding.

We kinda sorta love this idea.


Oh, settle down, it was just a joke.

Truly a dilemma … HA!


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