The fact that White House doctor, Dr. Ronny Jackson, gave Trump a clean bill of health (and said there was no reason for him to suspect that Trump is nuts) is driving the Left absolutely batsh*t. They are so rattled in fact that have started attacking Jackson more than Trump himself …

Calling the doctor a political hack.

Really dude?

From Mediaite:

Scarborough went on to mockingly read out some of Jackson’s more effusive appraisals of the 71-year-old president’s health.

“I’m sure this guy is a great guy, great physician, blah blah blah, he shouldn’t have sounded so Trumpian,” Scarborough said. “And second, he works in a White House where just about everybody who makes public statements lies.”

The Morning Joe co-host also called into question Jackson’s mental assessment of Trump: “Suddenly we have a cognitive exam, and he can tell what lions and rhinos and giraffes and little monkeys are? Great, that’s fine.”

Joe is just missing one KEY issue here.

Dr. Ronny Jackson was appointed by Obama.

He also examined Obama.

So when he gave Obama a clean bill of health was that him being a political hack?

Joe just can’t accept reality because if Trump is sane that means maybe Joe’s INSANE.


Joe seems to have his Ph.D. in BS.

But Trump! Conspiracy! ELEVENTY!

Is this a trick question?


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